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Shelley grew up in Southern California and attended Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Polytechnic College to earn a teaching degree.  She moved to Coeur d’Alene in the great Northwest in 1986, excited to raise her children in a slower paced, nature filled environment. She has worked in the Hospitality industry over 25 years in many capacities including training, supervising, managing, and developing and implementing training programs.

Although Shelley excelled in these positions it wasn’t until she and her husband bought investment properties that she uncovered a true passion.  After seeing absurdly high handyman repair bills for such small tasks as changing the water supply line on a toilet, she jumped in to learn all about how a home is built and operates.  A 2300 square foot condominium investment provided her schooling as she, her husband, and her son remodeled it floor to ceiling.  “In the beginning, I was frightened to patch a hole in sheetrock. I love learning about new topics and figuring out how things work and are put together. Then there is that rush of accomplishment felt after I’ve mastered it.”

Today, with her Natural Living Program, she loves demystifying the building processes for others and is even more passionate about helping others realize how capable they are in the process.  In her latest class on Cordwood Cabin Building participants learned about an ancient building technique.  “Most of us avoid new areas of life that we are uncertain about, where we might appear naïve or worse”, Shelley says. Natural Living programs take place in beautiful, relaxed, and casual settings, conducive to learning and gaining a sense of accomplishment through mastery of the topic, and more importantly, oneself. Shelley and Natural Living promote programs that seek to achieve empowerment within ourselves, with nature, and the future.

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